Athletic Philosophy

Athletics primarily serve to prepare young people for the next level of life – not the next level of sports – that defines sports as a unique and positive force in the lives of our young people and communities. There is nothing wrong with striving to be the best. School sports programs must strive to develop all who want to participate to be their best – their best as individuals, as students, as teammates, as members of the community – not just their best as athletes. In school sports, we win if we develop winners. We may very well lose if all we care about is winning. This is one of the most exciting experiences of a young person’s life – the privilege of participating in interscholastic sports. Our goal is to maintain the proper perspective in our journey through this educational experience.


The purpose of interscholastic athletics at PVCS is to provide students with opportunities for athletic competition consistent with the mission of Pleasant View Christian School. It is the responsibility of the PVCS principal, athletic director, staff, and coaches to provide the Christian leadership and training necessary for our athletics program to achieve these essential FOUNDATIONS:

1.  Honor Jesus Christ in all things – this is the most important measure of our success.

2.  Christian character defines who we are – in and out of school and the athletic arena.

3.  God-honoring behavior, good sportsmanship, and adherence to the Athletic Code are required.

4.  Good grades and school citizenship lead the way – successful athletes must first be successful students.

5.  Selfless attitudes must permeate the team – what is best for the team always comes first.

6.  We will seek to win in accordance with the rules – competing at the highest possible level is the goal while showing proper respect for opponents.

7.  We are all in this together – student-athletes, coaches, parents, fans, and administrators are all on the same page.

8.  The commitment to the team is important – it takes no talent to show up on time and work hard.

9.  Athletes and coaches must support other athletes and teams in order to build effective teams – we all share Warrior pride.

10.  Athletes will work hard and improve in and out of season – the commitment does not end when the season ends.

11.  Positive attitudes will influence outcomes – play with passion, encourage those around you, cheer with enthusiasm.