College Planning

The college selection process promises to be a busy and exciting time as seniors embark on the quest to find the “best fit” college to match their interests.  We encourage students to look for colleges and universities that are appropriately challenging and well suited to their talents, abilities, needs, wishes, and dreams. Because this quest is daunting, The PVCS college counseling program can provide information, advice, support, and resources. We are here to help!

At the same time, we believe that students should take primary ownership in choosing a college for themselves, by doing the research, sending for applications, taking standardized tests, soliciting recommendations, writing essays, meeting deadlines, and making final decisions.  The school and family can assist, but since students are on the cusp of being “on their own,” it’s important that they be the primary actors in their first steps toward leaving.

There will likely be some disappointments along the way! Sometimes, students don’t get into the colleges they most desire, but in that disappointment comes growth. Remember that what students do in college is vastly more important than where they go! The energy and commitment with which they invest their talents are keys to accomplishing good study habits and having viable career options after they earn the degree.

We look forward to working closely with our students.  There are many wonderful, amazing colleges out there and we are here to assist them in selecting the “best fit” college.  Advising our students about the college selection process is a privilege and responsibility we enjoy. 


Guide to Visiting Colleges

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Campus Tours

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For online registrations and testing information:

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Information:

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Online applications:
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