Student Opportunities

Chapel: Secondary students meet weekly for chapel. Opportunities are available for students involved in choir, drama, and other programs to be involved in the chapel program.

Student Bible Study: Secondary students have a student-led Bible study that meets weekly. Warriors of the Way (WOW) meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school.

Athletics: PVCS provides a full range of sports for boys and girls. Girls opportunities include volleyball, cross-country, basketball, soccer and softball. Boys opportunities include cross-country, football, basketball, soccer, and golf.

Fine Arts: Opportunities for students include choir, drama, yearbook, and art.

Field Trips: Each year we encourage our teachers to take students on a variety of educational field trips. Advance notification is sent out. Every two years the juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take an international trip during the first two weeks in June. Past trips have included: London, The British Isles, Rome and Spain.

Student Council: The high school student body elects officers from the Senior class to represent them each year. The student council meets together to help with planning certain school activities and pep rallies throughout the year.

Junior-Senior Banquet: The Junior Class hosts a formal banquet for the Senior Class every year usually in early April.

Honor Society: PVCS is a member of a National Christian Honor Society organization. Our students (11th-12th) are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Scholarship
  • Christian Character
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Citizenship

Homecoming: Homecoming usually takes place in January at one of the basketball games. All are invited out to this evening for a night of exciting activity. One of the highlights of the evening is the crowning of the new Homecoming King and Queen.