The mission of Pleasant View Christian Preschool is to nurture and assist parents with instilling in their children a love for Christ, His world, and others while developing a love for learning and preparing them for the world beyond.



Pleasant View Christian Preschool believes that children are made in the image of God and every aspect of his/her person; intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual should be touched or challenged in some way while in our care.

It is our belief that a nurturing teacher who cares about each child and teaches from the heart is the foundation of all learning. She uses many methods, curriculum, and materials, but it’s her love that makes the connection with the child and his/her world.

Researchers in early childhood learning and development say the first years of life are the most important. By age four, half of the child’s intelligence is developed, and it is also true that during this time children are most susceptible to environmental influences. The teacher’s relationship with the parent and the child is very influential as it is the first link in a long chain of instruction.

Preschool teachers have a great responsibility to provide for your child a safe, yet stimulating, environment that will help cement the foundation for future learning. We provide age-appropriate activities during our daily routine which include hands-on activities and projects that stimulate and enrich your child. It is our goal that your child’s creativity and self-confidence will be nurtured.

It is our goal that he/she may learn new ideas and concepts. It is our goal that your child will find learning to be exciting and enriching.



We currently use “ABC Jesus Loves Me” curriculum. It is a comprehensive, research-based preschool curriculum for ages 2-5 that focuses on academics, development, and the Bible. It is a hands-on approach that allows children to learn through play. Parents are given a weekly calendar of what the children will be doing and learning for the week so they can follow up on what is happening in the classroom.

Our One Year Old Class will specialize in activities that deal with the senses. It will also be rich in language development and developing of motor skills. Students will be given ample opportunity to explore the world around them in a controlled environment.

Two Wednesdays a month, we gather together for Chapel and Science Lab. This year we are learning about and building an underwater habitat.



If you have additional questions, please contact Ms. Diane Lytle, our director, by email ( or by telephone at 615-746-8555.


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